Governance Framework

QRIDA's Governance Framework ensures our functions are delivered transparently, fairly, responsibly and accountably.

QRIDA head office

Functions and powers

The functions and powers of the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA) as defined in the Rural and Regional Adjustment Act 1994 and the Farm Business Debt Mediation Act 2017, are to:  

  • put approved assistance schemes into effect, and ensure the schemes are properly and fairly administered 

  • arrange for education, training and advice to applicants under approved assistance schemes 

  • negotiate for assistance funding with all levels of government 

  • carry out research into, and develop policies on, and give advice to the Minister on issues affecting people likely to receive assistance including financial performance and sustainability of the rural and regional sector and proposed assistance schemes, for rural and regional Queensland 

  • administer authorised interstate, and Australian Government schemes 

  • ensure a survey of rural indebtedness in Queensland (a rural debt survey) is conducted on a cyclical basis 

  • administer the Farm Debt Restructure Office to assist a farmer in financial distress; and 

  • administer a Farm Business Debt Mediation program to provide an efficient and equitable way for farmers and mortgagees to resolve matters relating to farm business debts. 

Corporate governance structure

To ensure its functions are delivered transparently, fairly, responsibly and accountably, the following constitutes QRIDA's corporate governance structure:

Responsible MinisterThe QRIDA Board reports to the Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries and Minister for Rural Communities, currently the Hon. Mark Furner MP.
QRIDA BoardThe QRIDA Board is appointed by Governor in Council, and is accountable to the Minister for the way QRIDA performs its functions, and exercises its powers. The QRIDA Board also decides the strategies and policies to be followed by QRIDA and to ensure that QRIDA performs its function in a proper, effective and efficient way. The QRIDA Board is the employer of all QRIDA staff.
QRIDA Board Committees

Audit and Risk Management Committee
Provides independent assurance and assistance to the QRIDA Board on:

  • The risk, control, and compliance frameworks within QRIDA
  • QRIDA’s financial and asset management accountabilities
  • QRIDA’s internal and external audit program.

Debt Management Committee
Provides independent assurance and assistance to the QRIDA Board regarding the governance of QRIDA’s debt and interest rate management activities.

Chief Executive Officer
  • The Chief Executive Officer is appointed by Governor in Council, and is accountable to the QRIDA Board
  • Responsible for ensuring that QRIDA is managed as required by the policies of the QRIDA Board
  • Reports regularly to the QRIDA Board about key, operational, and administrative issues affecting QRIDA
  • Appoints the Executive Leadership Team and staff of QRIDA on behalf of the QRIDA Board.
Leadership Team

Supports the Chief Executive Officer in the overall leadership and management of QRIDA and ensures QRIDA’s operations support the Strategic Plan. The Executive Leadership Team comprises:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Lending Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Engagement Officer


Significant governance strategies

StrategyApproval authorityExplanation
Strategic PlanMinisterThe Strategic Plan articulates QRIDA’s vision, purpose, and value proposition to clients, stakeholders, and our staff.
Operational PlanChief Executive OfficerThe Operational Plan provides the direction for the implementation and responsibilities for the achievement of the Strategic Plan.
Annual Administration BudgetMinisterThe annual administration budget identifies QRIDA’s planned revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities, and cash resources for the funding of its services.
Risk Management Framework and Risk RegisterQRIDA BoardThe Risk Management Framework details the policy, responsibilities, processes and tools that QRIDA uses to identify, manage, monitor, and report its risks, and subsequent mitigations.
Complaints ManagementQRIDA BoardThe Complaints Management Framework reaffirms QRIDA’s commitment to the unbiased investigation, efficient management and fair resolution of complaints in a principled way that is compatible with human rights considerations.
Fraud and Corruption ControlQRIDA BoardThe Fraud and Corruption Control Framework incorporates QRIDA’s policy statement, Fraud and Corruption Control Plan and procedures for the management, investigation and reporting of fraud and corruption matters. It outlines the rationale, approach and integration of fraud and corruption prevention and control within QRIDA.
DelegationsQRIDA Board and
Chief Executive Officer                  
In the Delegations Policies, the QRIDA Board assigns authority to the Chief Executive Officer to carry out program actions and provide approvals for human resources and financial transactions. Subsequently, the Chief Executive Officer sub-delegates this authority to appropriate officers within QRIDA based upon risk and operational requirements.
Emergency Business Continuity and Management PlanChief Executive OfficerThis plan is a critical component of QRIDA’s risk management framework, and specifies the activities to be taken in the effective management during, and recovery from, a disruption to QRIDA’s operations.
Legislative Compliance Matrix and the Compliance and Policy FrameworkQRIDA BoardThe compliance framework identifies the laws, regulations, and guidelines of which QRIDA must comply, and identifies primary responsibilities for this compliance.


Significant governance reporting

Report topicFrequencyPrepared byReport to
Report on Significant Activities of QRIDAQuarterlyQRIDA BoardMinister
Report on Administrative/Operational Activities of QRIDAMonthlyChief Executive OfficerQRIDA Board
Report on Financial Performance of QRIDAMonthlyChief Executive OfficerQRIDA Board
Annual Report of QRIDA, including Annual Financial StatementsAnnuallyQRIDA BoardMinister
Work Health and Safety ReportQuarterlyChief Executive OfficerQRIDA Board
QRIDA Risk RegisterQuarterlyChief Executive OfficerQRIDA Board
QRIDA Program/Scheme PerformanceMonthlyChief Executive OfficerQRIDA Board
QRIDA Account Management/Arrears ReportQuarterlyChief Executive OfficerQRIDA Board
Performance Against Strategic Plan StrategiesMonthlyChief Executive OfficerQRIDA Board
Service Delivery Statements (as part of State Budget)AnnuallyChief Executive OfficerMinister

Last updated: 03 April 2024