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  • Following your initial application and rebate payment, you will need to submit subsequent applications for rebates at an interval of your choosing, either quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.

  • Yes. The application in the QRIDA portal will guide you on how to do this.

  • Yes. You will need to provide evidence to demonstrate that you usually grow horticulture if announced allocations are sufficient to do so.

  • No. If you cannot demonstrate the amount of water used specifically for horticultural crops you will be asked questions about the land areas under horticultural and non-horticultural crops. QRIDA will use this information and relevant Australian Bureau of Statistics irrigation water application rates to calculate your rebate. More information on the formula to make this calculation is available in the supplementary information.

  • For details on eligibility please refer to the guidelines on this page.

  • The expected processing time of North Queensland Recovery and Resilience Grants (Stream 2) Scheme applications is 25 business days from the date the scheme closes, provided all the required information has been supplied.

    Prior to submitting your application, you are encouraged to speak with a QRIDA representative to discuss your proposal. This will help you to work out what information is required and mean your application can be promptly assessed.

  • On approval of an application, QRIDA will deposit funding into the bank account nominated in your application.

  • Detailed information on how QRIDA will calculate rebate amounts is included in supplementary Information about the Horticulture Irrigation Rebate Pricing Scheme.

  • You do not need to submit separate applications if your allocations are held under the same customer number.

  • In submitting subsequent applications for rebates, you will only be required to provide additional information relevant to their current claim.

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28 March 2021