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  • The rebate for advice under the Carbon Farming Advice Rebate Program is currently closed. Any future rebate will be available on the QRIDA website.

  • You must apply for a Telecommunications and Energy Improvement Grant using the application form provided by QRIDA. 

    For further information on the application process, please read the guidelines

  • For details on eligibility please refer to Section 4 of the guidelines.

  • Applications will be assessed on a competitive basis in each stream against the following criteria:

    1. Public benefit
    2. Co-contribution and value for money
    3. Capability and capacity
    4. Additional project attributes

    For more information on how applications will be competitively assessed read the guidelines.

  • The expected processing time of Telecommunications and Energy Improvement grant applications is 25 business days, provided all the required information has been supplied.

    Prior to submitting your application, you are encouraged to speak with a QRIDA representative to discuss your proposal. This will help you to work out what information is required and mean your application can be promptly assessed.

    You can contact QRIDA here.

  • Yes, you can. If eligible for the grant, you will be given conditional approval by QRIDA. This approval would be subject to you arranging your co-contribution to the equivalent amount.

  • >Jobs are to be calculated as Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Staff.

    Full time work is 35 hours per week or more. If your project will employ casual or part time workers, calculate the number of hours to be worked by these employees and divide that total by 35 to determine full time equivalents.

    For example, seven casual employees working 10 hours per week totalling 70 hours per week, equates to two full time employees.

  • Medium sized businesses applying for the grant must be registered for GST. All other applicant entities need to indicate whether or not they are registered for GST in the form.

  • No, QRIDA will pay invoice amounts for items claimed, exclusive of GST. This is because you will be able to claim the GST component of your purchases when you lodge your Business Activity Statement with the Australian Taxation Office.

  • Questions concerning your personal taxation circumstances should be directed to your taxation advisor or the Australian Taxation Office on 13 72 86.

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11 December 2020