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Ed and Gen Windley, horticulture growers from Kalbar in the Scenic Rim, are one farming couple who have accessed loans from QRIDA to set up their successful farming business. 

Since receiving a First Start Loan from QRIDA in 2005 to establish 135 acres of leasehold land, the Windley’s business has grown in scale and profitability to a point where they are currently farming approximately 310 acres - carrots and onions in the winter and green beans and sweet corn in the spring and autumn. 

Due to the success of their First Start Loan, Gen says that when they were ready to further develop their business in 2016 they looked to QRIDA again for a Sustainability Loan. 

“With the help of a Sustainability Loan we were able to purchase 88 acres of land in our own names. Prior to that, our farming was carried out on leasehold ground,” she said. 

“We faced significant damage following the 2011 and 2013 floods but have fought our way back to a sound position and the new acres are predominantly flood free, reducing our exposure to flood risk.” 

Gen and Ed Windley standing with a bunch of carrots in front of their carrot crop

Scenic Rim producers Gen and Ed Windley.

With extensive experience in agriculture and rural industries, as well off-farm commercial experience, Ed and Gen are grateful for the opportunity they have been given to start their own horticulture business in the Scenic Rim and grow it to be a profitable operation. “Vegetable production has grown, and we love our lifestyle and being able to bring up our two boys with plenty of space and fresh clean air. The Scenic Rim is particularly

stunning with its spectacular scenery, while still being close to Brisbane and the Gold Coast,” Gen said.


“We found QRIDA’s loans suited well to our situation of establishing our own farming business. Their competitive interest rates, loan terms and ongoing support were key motivators for us applying and we’d encourage others in the same situation to enquire about the loans.” 

“If you’ve got an idea, we suggest you start talking with QRIDA as early in the process as possible as their loans provide a wonderful opportunity for young enthusiastic start-up farmers to enter the industry.” 

First Start Loans provide finance of up to $2 million to cover capital costs to assist producers enter primary production, while Sustainability Loans provide up to $1.3 million to assist in achieving a more productive and sustainable farming business.  

To learn more about how this loan could help your primary production enterprise, visit QRIDA First Start Loans.

Last updated
15 January 2021