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The COVID-19 Jobs Support Loan Scheme has helped Queensland businesses and non-profit organisations financially affected during COVID-19 to retain employees and maintain their operations.

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Key program information

    • $1 billion

      total loan scheme funding

    • First year

      no repayments or interest charged

    • 2nd & 3rd years

      interest only repayments

    • Years 3 to 10

      principal and interest repayments

    • 2.50%

      set interest rate for the loan term

    • 10 year

      total loan term

Information about your COVID-19 Jobs Support Loan

As part of the Queensland Governments response to COVID-19, a $1 billion loan scheme was delivered by QRIDA between March and September 2020.

Now closed for applications, the scheme has assisted 7,000 Queensland businesses and supported 86,000 local jobs.

COVID-19 Job Support Loans are managed by a dedicated QRIDA team who are available to assist with a range of requests and enquiries.

Find below a range of forms and information

The COVID-19 Jobs Support Loan is to be repaid in full within the 10 year term. The interest rate of 2.50% is set for the term of the loan and there are no fees charged if you make advance payments or repay the loan in full within the term.

Additional payments: to reduce the balance and save on interest charges. Your QRIDA team will be in touch to discuss your options

Change of officeholders and shareholders: please notify QRIDA of any changes to directors, trustees, other officeholders and shareholders.

Change your bank account details: it’s important to advise QRIDA immediately of any changes to your business bank account details. QRIDA will change the direct debit for your loan upon receiving this form.

Deceased notification: in the event that a client or officeholder (e.g. director/trustee) is deceased, please advise QRIDA using the deceased notification form. Please note, if this has resulted in a change of company directors or officeholders, please advise QRIDA of the new directors/officeholders via completing the notification of change of members form.

Loan account statement: if you require a statement for your loan account with QRIDA.

Loan payout: advance notice is required if you plan to payout your COVID-19 Jobs Support Loan. To request a payout figure for the loan complete this form.

One-off late payment or financial hardship: if you anticipate that you may be late in making a scheduled loan payment (e.g. within a week), contact QRIDA on the details below and we will be in touch to discuss. If the situation is more serious and the business is experiencing difficulties in meeting its contracted loan payments complete this form.

Sale or business closure: you must advise QRIDA in the event your business is to be sold or will no longer be operating as this will require the repayment of your loan. To request a payout figure on your loan complete this form.

Third party authorisation: you can request QRIDA to provide information pertaining to your COVID-19 Jobs Support Loan to a third party, to the loan (e.g. spouse, accountant, bookkeeper, employee).

Update contact details: QRIDA will contact you via phone, post, SMS or email regarding your loan so it’s important your details are kept up to date. This includes changes to the road address of the business.

Information for lenders

QRIDA holds security via a General Security Agreement (GSA) listed on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) to secure all COVID-19 Jobs Support Loans with an initial balance of more than $100,000.

If you are a financier and you want to obtain a partial release of QRIDA’s security interest or would like to discuss a Deed of Priority arrangement in respect to the QRIDA GSA, please contact QRIDA.

Please note that QRIDA shall assess all requests received and may require additional information in order to complete the assessment and provide an outcome.

Contact QRIDA

For enquiries about your COVID-19 Jobs Support Loan email or contact us.

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