Nothing will grow without water: Lilydale hay producer secures water for future droughts with QRIDA grant

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After producing hay and chaff for almost 40 years, Steve Neuendorf knows the importance of securing water for his enterprise now and for the future.  

Steve Neuendorf

So when his accountant told him that QRIDA were administering drought support grants and loans to help prepare producers for future droughts, he applied straight away. 

“I used the Drought Preparedness Grant for purchasing a boom irrigator and also putting down another bore so if there were any droughts, I’d have plenty of water,” he said. 

Not only has investing in water infrastructure mitigated the impacts of future droughts for Steve, but it’s also helped him improve his hay and chaff business. 

“The boom irrigator is very efficient because it is low pressure, so you don’t need as high electricity to make it run and it is also water efficient because it’s spread out and it doesn’t go up high and get blown away by the wind,” he said.

After purchasing the block across the road 12 months ago, the boom irrigator was the next investment in Steve’s plan to help with securing water and QRIDA’s Drought Preparedness Grant helped him achieve this sooner.

“I brought the property next to me 12 months ago and when I purchased it I said to my wife that it would be perfect for a boom irrigator and she said ‘We can’t buy that yet, we’ve got to wait’ and then I heard about this grant and she said ‘I think you were meant to get that boom irrigator,’” Steve laughs. 

Steve encourages other producers to act now and use the funding available through QRIDA to set their property up for the future. 

“Nothing will grow without water, with the new bore and boom irrigator, it has made my business more efficient and productive,” he said. 

“Apply for the grants, it’s a necessity. The dry times will come and go but they will always be back.”

Visit our Drought Preparedness Grants for more information or contact us at 1800 623 946. Eligibility criteria applies.

QRIDA is administering the Drought Preparedness Grant Scheme on behalf of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

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Last updated: 15 May 2023