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Appealing a decision

QRIDA is committed to ensuring that our customers have access to appropriate avenues to appeal against decisions regarding their application for assistance, should they be dissatisfied with the final outcome.

In accordance with the Rural and Regional Adjustment Act 1994, the following outlines the processes we will undertake to ensure our obligations under this Act are met.

How to apply to have a decision reviewed...

All requests to review a decision must be submitted in writing to QRIDA within 20 business days after receiving the original decision notification from QRIDA.

What information should be submitted with your review?
In your written request, please ensure that you provide QRIDA with adequate information that outlines the reasons for your dissatisfaction.  This may include:

  • QRIDA's written advice of the eligibility criteria with which your application was unsuccessful
  • factors that you believe may have been overlooked by QRIDA when determining your eligibility
  • relevant information which you believe may have assisted your original application, but may not have been included for consideration.

How is the decision reviewed?
Within 30 business days of receiving the application for a review of decision, QRIDA's Chief Executive Officer, will review the decision, make a decision regarding the review, and give notice to the applicant of the review decision.

Should you not be happy with this decision, you are entitled to appeal the decision under the Judicial Review Act 1991 and/or the State Ombudsman.

Please forward your written requests to review a decision to the:
Chief Executive Officer
Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority
GPO Box 211

Last updated
2 July 2017