Carbon Farming Advice Scheme

Applications for the Carbon Farming Advice Scheme have closed.  You can no longer make a claim application as this closed on the 17 March 2024.


The Carbon Farming Advice Scheme (CFAS) has now closed with all funding allocated. 

Program information

Carbon farming can be complex, so it’s important to seek quality advice on how it may work for your land and business before you start.

The Carbon Farming Advice Scheme is a Queensland Government initiative jointly delivered by the Land Restoration Fund and the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA).

The scheme offers financial assistance to farmers and other landholders to pay for expert advice on the potential for carbon farming on your land. 

Approved Adviser Directory

To apply for funding through the CFAS, you must provide a minimum of one quote from an Approved Adviser from the categories ‘Solicitor’ and ‘Accountant’, or a minimum of two quotes from Approved Advisers for all other adviser categories.

Approved Advisers can provide advice within their area of expertise tailored to each landholder’s circumstances and property. 

Please select an Industry or Profession from the dropdown to find an adviser. 

Changes to the Carbon Farming Advice Scheme

As a result of feedback from landholders and industry, there have been some process improvements implemented since the last Carbon Farming Advice Rebate round in 2022.

Changes include:

  • A requirement for landholders to submit their own applications through QRIDA. Approved Advisers and third party representatives cannot apply on a landholder’s behalf.
  • A requirement for Approved Advisers to provide CFAS applicants with a quote before work can commence. 
  • A new minimum standard for all Approved Adviser written reports and invoices. See the CFAS Standards Guide.
  • Changes to the payment process. QRIDA will now pay Approved Adviser invoices directly instead of reimbursing landholders the cost of the invoice.   

See the CFAS Guidelines, Approved Adviser page or email for more information.

Frequently asked questions

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A. No. You are required to apply for conditional approval prior to receiving advice from an approved adviser. 

Once conditional approval has been received, you should seek advice from the Approved Adviser. Once the adviser has provided written advice and an invoice for the advice received, you should make a claim for financial assistance through QRIDA’s application portal. 

Upon receipt of a completed invoice and written advice which complies with the CFAS Standards Guide, QRIDA will pay the invoice amount including GST directly to the approved adviser.

Yes, if the advice will be substantially different from advice received previously, e.g. for a different property or piece of land, or from a different Adviser category. 

The Carbon Farming Advice Scheme (CFAS) application is in two phases – applying for conditional approval, and claiming financial assistance. Details on eligibility and required documentation for each phase are outlined in the CFAS Guidelines

Once the ‘application for conditional approval’ is approved, the applicant can seek carbon farming advice from an Approved Adviser. After the advice is received, the applicant completes the ‘claiming financial assistance’ application to ensure the Approved Adviser is paid for their work. 

Yes. You must provide a minimum of one quote from approved advisers from the categories ‘Solicitor’ and ‘Accountant’ and a minimum of two quotes from all other adviser categories when you submit an application for conditional approval. 

Quotes must be for the same or similar work, allowing landholders to compare like with like. Quotes across adviser categories for different advice or services will not meet the requirements. Applicants who have sought advice from an Accountant or Solicitor who is an Approved Adviser only need one quote to meet the requirements. 

Yes. The advice must be provided by one of the approved advisers that you nominated in your application for conditional approval, unless agreed with QRIDA. 

If you wish to seek advice from a different approved adviser, you must submit an application for variation and provide a new quote.  

Yes. The advice you receive must come from at least one approved adviser listed on QRIDA’s website. Applicants seeking advice from multiple approved advisers should submit only one application with all quotes. 

There is no minimum requirement for quotes this round, although quotes should allow landholders to understand the advice and services being provided. 

No. The landowner chooses which adviser will best fit their situation. 

No. The program has been structured and criteria has been established to assess the skills, qualification and experience of individuals to give advice and confirm them as approved advisors, not a company or organisation. 

If you are registered for GST, the rebate will be calculated on the invoice amount excluding GST. You may be eligible to claim the GST component as part of your normal Business Activity Statement (BAS) submissions. 

If you are not registered for GST, the assistance will be calculated on the invoice amount including GST.

Questions concerning your personal taxation circumstances should be directed to your taxation advisor or the Australian Taxation Office on 13 72 86.

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Last updated: 01 May 2024