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Client stories - Rural Economic Development Grants

Rural Economic Development Grants are administered by QRIDA to fund projects that contribute to primary production related economic development and job creation in rural areas. The Queensland Government program offers emerging projects up to $250,000 in co-contributions to build industry and grow employment opportunities across the agricultural sector. Learn how some of our clients have successfully used these grants in the client stories below.

To learn more about Rural Economic Development Grants, eligibility requirements and the application process, visit the Rural Economic Development Grant page.

Round 2 successful applicants


Funding plugs big future for Australia’s strawberry industry

  • A commercial nursery in the Southern Downs, Spring Creek Seedlings, is paving the way for Australia’s strawberry industry after developing a new way to grow strawberries.

Funding provides new purpose for Southern Downs abattoir

  • Southern Downs abattoir Carey Brothers will change cattle hide process in response to declining worldwide demand for leather and demand for cheaper synthetic material increases, while supporting 16 new jobs.

Vegetable company innovating x-ray grub detection in sweet corn

  • A Scenic Rim vegetable company, Kalfresh, will utilise x-ray technology to detect insect damage and defects in sweet corn, as part of a company expansion to reach new vegetable markets.

New project to turn waste onion, garlic and broccoli into useable products

  • Transforming waste from broccoli, onion and garlic crops in sliced, diced and powdered ingredients is at the forefront of an infrastructure expansion at a St Gorge farming business, Moonrocks.

Funding supports Queensland’s reinvigorated sheep meat industry

  • An increase in demand for sheep meat has provided a producer in the Southern Downs, Schmidt Grazing Industry, the opportunity to capitalise on the re-emerging market.

Vegetable climate control infrastructure driving job growth in Lockyer Valley

  • Blistering summer heat impacting vegetable crops in the Lockyer Valley has forced Vanstone Produce to invest heavily in climate control infrastructure to ensure they can meet demand and grow their work force.

Intensive North Queensland barramundi nursery project to farm one million fish

  • North Queensland barramundi farm Mainstream Aquaculture will triple production when they build an intensive barramundi nursery capable of housing one million fish a year.

Funding for organic poultry farm boosts local employment opportunities

  • Australia’s leading organic, free-range poultry producer, Inglewood Organic, is set to produce broad-acre irrigated organic crops for organic stockfeed that will help create local jobs and mitigate drought.

Round 1 successful applicants

Workforce doubled under new veggie accelerator project

  • Read how Bundaberg fruit and vegetable growers Swan Ridge Farms used a Rural Economic Development Grant to install a post harvest facility which will double its workforce.

Growing a local, national and international nursery market

  • A increase in demand for potted colour and indoor foliage resulted in the need for Pohlman's Nursery to expand their operations. Read their story to find out how a Rural Economic Development Grant helped them grow their business.

New lamb feedlot and spelling yards to support growth of SW sheep industry

  • The combination of strong growth in sheep numbers, sound animal welfare practices and a strategically located property have led to the Brodie's securing a Rural Economic Development Grant.

New mix creates rise in job growth for local organic grain processor

  • A demand for convenient products mixed with the chance to expand their product line was the perfect opportunity for Kialla Pure Foods to successfully secure a Rural Economic Development Grant to expand it's operations.

Professionals, apprentices needed to work at regional boutique supermarket project

  • Plans to reinvent 'old school butcher values' while introducing a boutique supermarket and meat hub to a rural Central Queensland town will depend on up to 24 full time workers in a range of new roles.

Agriculture project helping grain and seeds meet dinner plate standard

  • A variety of seeds and grains once deemed not acceptable by market standards will son have a new lease of life. With the help of a Rural Economic Development Grant, PB Agrifoods will install a state-of-the-art grain colour sorter.

Demand for perfect fruit, veg behind ag job boom

  • A South East Queensland producers packing house is about to get a lot busier with the installation of a new tomato blemish and colour sorter. Read about Kool Country Packer's project here.

Extra hands on deck needed to meet national, international pine demand

  • Top-of-the-line pine is in hot demand for Queensland Cypress Supplies. Read how a Rural Economic Development Grant will help them tackle national and international markets.

New lengths create new jobs for Dalby platform manufacturer

  • Midwest Fabrications is reaching world first lengths with their new 60ft platforms. Reach their story to find out how a Rural Economic Development Grant will help them.

Horticulture business flourishes with new funding

  • Business is about to get a whole lot busier for Mareeba based nursery, Flourish Plants. Read their story to find out how a Rural Economic Development Grant will help them branch into new markets.

Sunshine Coast dairy bottles new markets and jobs

  • Kenilworth Dairies are well known for their cheese, yogurts and ice-cream and a Rural Economic Development Grant will add high-quality boutique milk to their list of products.

Funding cuts carbon and boosts local employment

  • Read how a local Gayndah citrus producer will use a Rural Economic Development Grant to save his and other local producers thousands of dollars while creating local job opportunities.

Cutting-edge technology supporting cut flowers, foilage market

  • Read how a Sunshine Coast flower and foilage business is using latest cutting-edge technology to secure Australia products with a Rural Economic Development Grant.

Ag robots helping farmers spray, spread and mow

  • A Rural Economic Development Grant will help a Central Highlands robotic developer create innovative ag robots designed to assist farmers with spray, spread and mow.

Last updated
24 June 2020