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21 August 2018: Sustainability Loan keeps predators out of the paddock

21 August 2018

Sustainability Loan aims to help primary producers who are affected by the recent increase in wild dog attacks in western Queensland.

Primary producers in western Queensland who are impacted by wild dogs are encouraged to consider Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority’s (QRIDA) Sustainability Loan to implement exclusion fencing.

Dry conditions and drought has seen an influx in the number of wild dog attacks on sheep and cattle properties. Added to this, land owners are witnessing extensive damage to pasture and crops due to the significant increase of feral pests.

Exclusion fencing is a long term and sustainable solution for producers who want to keep feral animals out of their property, protect their livestock and improve their pasture and crop management.

Regional Area Manager for the Maranoa and South West, Tony Koch says there are a range of benefits exclusion fencing can provide.

“Exclusion fencing provides a cost effective way of increasing the productive capacity of your property. Graziers we have assisted have noted a substantial rise in lambing and calving percentages.

“These fencing projects have also led to improved pasture stands and ground cover as the graziers’ ability to control total grazing pressure was realised”, he said.

“Farmers can reduce the impact on crops from pigs and deer. The reduction of feral predators also improves the biodiversity within fenced areas improving the overall health of the farming ecosystem.

“The investment in exclusion fencing also means a better return on other on-farm improvements such as additional watering points and improved pastures”, said Mr Koch.

QRIDA’s Sustainability Loan offers up to $1.3 million in finance to eligible producers helping them develop existing properties through the purchase of materials and equipment, the cost of contractors and dry hiring machinery and any preparatory work to construct the fence.

If you’d like to contact a QRIDA Regional Area Manager about our Sustainability Loan Freecall 1800 623 946 or visit for more information.


For more information, contact:
Craig Turner, Manager Client Relations – 0427 000 722

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21 August 2018