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Loan Review Form

Annual reviews are required for all QRIDA loan facilities.

Completing your review

QRIDA now provides the Loan Review Form in a writable PDF format. The writable form enables you to complete and save the application on your computer rather than completing by hand.

A number of special functions are embedded within the form, which are designed to assist you complete the form as quickly and accurately as possible e.g. calculations, dropdown boxes and formatting. To ensure you are able to utilise all of these special functions, QRIDA recommend that you download the latest free version of Adobe Reader. Some functionality may be unavailable with older versions of Adobe Reader or other software applications.

While QRIDA has taken every possible precaution with the creation of files, they are downloaded and used at your own risk. Various tools to enable access to these files for people using a screen reader can be found at

Download forms

To submit your loan review information to QRIDA you will need to download and complete the following forms:

Instructions for completing a writable PDF Loan Review Form

Some operating systems will either preview or automatically open the PDF form in a web browser window. This can create issues when attempting to save or email the file, therefore we strongly recommend that you download a copy of the form and open it using Adobe Reader.

Save forms

QRIDA recommends that you immediately save the form to a location of your choice:

  • To initially save the form, choose - File > Save As > PDF, or click the button on the bottom of each page
  • Choose a location to save the form then choose - Save

It is recommended you regularly save your form as you are filling it out, and once again once you have completed it:

  • To save the form, choose - File > Save, or click the button on the Adobe toolbar.

Printing completed forms

  • To print a completed form, choose - File > Print, or click the button on the Adobe toolbar;
  • Select an appropriate printer then choose - Print
  • Your application is now ready to be signed and emailed or mailed to QRIDA along with all supporting documentation

Lodging your Loan Review Form

Please lodge your completed and signed  Loan Review Form together with your supporting documents to QRIDA in one of the following ways:


Mailing address:
Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority
GPO Box 211
Brisbane QLD 4001

Fax:   (07) 3032 0300

Should you require any assistance in downloading, completing or lodging your Sustainability Loan application form, contact QRIDA on Freecall 1800 623 946 or your nearest Regional Area Manager.

If your financials and tax returns requested in our covering letter have not been completed, please provide us with a copy of your cashbook figures (Profit & Loss report from your computer system).

If you do not have an electronic copy of your financials and tax returns, please contact your accountant to request that they email a copy to

Last updated
2 July 2017