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Primary producer

Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority has a wide range of financial programs to suit your circumstances and needs - whether it be to assist with projects to increase your productivity or during challenging climatic situations (drought or natural disasters).

Disaster Assistance Loans - Primary producer

Low interest loans up to $250,000 for primary producers directly affected by recognised disaster events to help re-establish the normal operations.

Disaster Assistance (Essential Working Capital) Loans - Primary Producer

Low interest loans up to $100,000 are now available for primary producers who have suffered a significant loss of income as a result of a recognised disaster event. These loans help cover essential working capital expenses.

First Start Loans

First Start Loan - Primary producer

First Start Loans provide you with finance up to $2,000,000 to assist you in the early years of establishing your primary production enterprise.

Travelling irrigator on pasture

Sustainability Loan - Primary producer

Sustainability Loans provide you with finance up to $1,300,000 to assist in achieving a more productive and sustainable primary production enterprise.

Last updated
30 June 2017