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Frequently Asked Questions - Primary Producers

How can a First Start Loan help me?

First Start Loans can:

  • help in your initial first steps towards acquiring your first farm business or supporting your leasing or share farming arrangements.
  • assist you to purchase property from your parents or other family members or enter a family partnership.
  • help you build your existing operation to stand-alone viability, for example improving infrastructure such as fences, water storages, grain and feed storage and irrigation or upgrading plant and equipment.

For more details on eligible activities see the scheme guidelines or talk to us.

How can a Sustainability Loan help me?
If you are an existing primary producer Sustainability Loans can help in securing the future sustainability of your primary production enterprise by assisting with finance for projects which:

  • enhance your natural resource sustainability by minimising adverse impacts of farming activities on your property and the environment
  • improve your farming system sustainability by adopting systems and practices to mitigate the effects of climate, drought, biosecurity and market risks
  • improve your financial sustainability by increasing the productivity and long-term viability of your primary production business.

For more details on eligible activities see the scheme guidelines or talk to us.

Sustainability Loans require that a financial need is demonstrated. How would QRIDA assess my application on this requirement?

QRIDA will consider the entirety of your financial position in assessing for financial need and you are encouraged not to self-assess on this criterion.

In demonstrating financial need you do not need to be first declined by a commercial lender and may apply directly to QRIDA.

First Start Loans require in normal circumstances that applicants demonstrate 50 per cent equity. I am looking to start out in primary production. Is there any way I can access a loan if I cannot meet this requirement?

QRIDA can consider lesser levels of equity in some circumstances including joint lending, vendor finance, if you have stable off-farm income, or if you have family support.

Lesser levels of equity may also be possible if you are building to a viable position on a staged basis while having some reliance on off-farm income.

I need more funding for my proposal than can be financed with a Sustainability Loan. Can QRIDA consider applications in joint lending arrangements with my bank?

Yes, QRIDA can consider joint lending options with your bank or other commercial lenders in these circumstances including for First Start proposals.

What security does QRIDA generally require for its loans?

For most loans a mortgage over land provides adequate loan security.

In some instances, loan security may also include other business assets such as water and livestock.

In some circumstances however, a first mortgage or priority position may be required.

When assessing your loan application, we always discuss our loan security requirements with you and your commercial lender.

Who can I speak with about a First Start or Sustainability loan?

QRIDA has a network of eleven regional area managers located across Queensland who will meet with you or visit on property to talk through your requirements and assist with the application process.

Please find their contact details here

Last updated
30 June 2020