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Frequently Asked Questions - Farming in Reef Catchments Rebate Scheme

  1. Will I receive remuneration from QRIDA if appointed as an Accredited Agricultural Adviser?

    No – Under this program, there will be no payments made from QRIDA to the Accredited Agricultural Advisers. The only funds Accredited Agricultural Advisers may receive under the Farming in Reef Catchments Scheme is payment by primary producers who engage their services.

  2. If appointed as an Accredited Agricultural Adviser, am I automatically able to give both soil and nutrient management advice?

    No - Accreditation is dependent on the adviser’s relevant experience and qualifications. It may be restricted to either soil or nutrient management advice or may be both.

  3. Can I be accredited to provide advice to multiple agricultural industries?

    Yes - Depending on your experience and qualifications, you may apply to be accredited to provide advice across one or more agricultural industries.

  4. Can I be accredited to provide advice in multiple Great Barrier Reef Catchment regions?

    Yes – Depending on your availability, you can operate across multiple Great Barrier Reef regions. There are five Great Barrier Reef regions covered in the Scheme. These include the Wet Tropics, Burdekin, Mackay Whitsunday, Fitzroy and the Burnett Mary natural resource management regions.

    Members of professional bodies, including Fertcare, may apply to become Agricultural Accredited Advisers.

    For more information about the Great Barrier Reef regions please see Information for Accredited Agricultural Adviser Program Applicants.

  5. I am not in the Great Barrier Reef regions. Can I still apply to become an Accredited Agricultural Adviser?

    Yes – However, any travel costs associated with travelling to a Great Barrier Reef region must be considered in the pricing provided in your application.

  6. This scheme is not currently available to the industry/s in which I am qualified and/or experienced to provide advice. Can I still apply?

    Currently, to be successfully appointed as an Accredited Agricultural Adviser, an applicant must be qualified to provide advice to graziers, sugarcane producers or banana growers. Further expressions of interest for registration will occur if the scheme expands into other agricultural industries.

  7. My EOI application was declined, what can I do?

    If you would like to discuss an application or appeal a decision, you can call QRIDA on Freecall 1800 623 946 or email

  8. My situation has changed since being appointed as an Accredited Agricultural Adviser. What should I do?

    If there are any changes to your circumstances, you must contact QRIDA on Freecall 1800 623 946 or email as this may change your eligibility to be an Accredited Agricultural Adviser. For instance, if there is a change to your industry qualifications or if you wish to cancel your accreditation.

    Should QRIDA determine you no longer meet the eligibility for an Accredited Agricultural Adviser, you will be advised in writing where a decision has been taken to suspend or cancel accreditation. This letter will detail the reasons and justification which informed this decision.

  9. Has your question been answered?
    If you require further assistance, please contact QRIDA on:

    Phone: Freecall 1800 623 946

    Post:   GPO Box 211, Brisbane, QLD, 4001

Last updated
29 November 2019