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Delivery model

Our delivery model has been developed through more than two decades of successfully administering government loans, grants and other financial assistance programs.

QRIDA uses proven project management principles and methodologies to ensure our administrations consistently deliver for our program owner clients.

QRIDA's end-to-end service comprises the stages outlines below:

QRAA program delivery model diagram

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During this first phase of service delivery, QRIDA liaises with you to:

  • determine the program administration scope and services required; and
  • negotiate and develop a service level agreement or Memorandum of Understanding, which clearly sets out QRIDA's service obligations and delivery standards.

Planning and development

During this phase, QRIDA:

  • will liaise with you to consider the potential range of application scenarios to identify any assessment issues and areas of risk.
  • applies best practice principles to design fit-for-purpose programs, including guidelines, application forms, assessment and decision making processes, and assessor training guides.
  • establishes the systems, processes and resources to support the implementation and audit of the program.
  • where required, establishes the program as an ’approved scheme‘ within the Rural and Regional Adjustment Regulation 2011.


This phase usually commences when a program opens to applications.

To manage application processing, QRIDA forms dedicated assessing teams of highly skilled and experienced officers who:

  • apply transparent and impartial decision making
  • ensure assessments and decisions are appropriately documented and defensible
  • monitor and control the progress of application processing to ensure agreed performance standards are achieved
  • monitor and treat risks and issues as they are identified
  • maintain regular communication with government agencies
  • apply quality assurance processes.


When a program closes and agreements terminate, you can be assured there will be no residual matters outstanding, including:

  • finalisation of assessments
  • final reporting and program evaluation
  • settlement of any remaining scheme funding.

To find out more about the additional features our service offering can provide you with, please click here.


QRIDA Capability Statement

Capability Statement

Last updated
29 November 2019