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Natural Disaster Recovery Grants Scheme - Exceptional Circumstances - Primary producer

If your primary production enterprise suffered direct damage caused by Central Coast Queensland Severe Weather 16 - 19 October 2017, grants are available from QRIDA to assist your enterprise pay for costs of clean-up and reinstatement. Please note, the closing date for applications is 20 July 2018.

What assistance is available?

An Exceptional Circumstances Grant up to a maximum of $25,000 is available to assist eligible primary producers as follows:

  • Initial grant amounts to assist you with cleaning and reinstatement costs - up to a total of $5,000; and
  • Subsequent grant amounts to assist you with additional cleaning and reinstatement costs - up to a total of $20,000

Please note that claims over $5,000 or claims for subsequent grant amounts must be supported by evidence of payment of these costs, including the amount claimed under the initial grant – for more information see the scheme guidelines.

How can the assistance help you?

The assistance enables you to pay for costs associated with cleaning and reinstatement activities.

Examples of eligible activities:

  • purchasing, hiring or leasing equipment or materials to; clean premises, property or equipment or to immediately resume farming activities
  • removing and disposing of debris, damaged goods, materials including injured or dead livestock
  • repairing or replacing fencing on the property
  • purchasing fodder or salvaging crops or feed for stock
  • repairing or reconditioning essential plant or equipment
  • maintaining the health of livestock or poultry
  • paying additional wages to an employee to assist with clean-up work

Assistance under this scheme is not intended to compensate for loss of income suffered as a result of the disaster event and assistance provided is subject to future audit.

Eligible Local Government Areas:

To apply for assistance you must own a primary production enterprise located in one of the following local government areas (current as at 23/11/2017):

Central Coast Queensland Severe Weather, 16 - 19 October 2017.

Bundaberg Regional Council2
North Burnett Regional Council1

1. Activation is limited to the northern portion of North Burnett Regional Council that is:
- east of the Cania Gorge National Park including the Cania locality and east of the Coominglah Forest. The boundary follows the eastern boundary of the Glenleigh and Abercorn localities until the Abercorn locality boundary meets the Burnett Highway. This is just southeast of where Three Moon Creek meets the Burnett River. Included is the area east of the Burnett Highway from this point until the intersection of the Burnett Highway and Kerwee Road at Ceratodus and follows Kerwee Road through Nour Nour National Park until it meets Monto Mount Perry Road. The area included is that west of Monto Mount Perry Road until it meets the boundary of the Yarrol locality, south of Bania Forest Reserve. The eastern boundary is that of the Yarrol locality until it meets the North Burnett local government boundary. This area includes the Bancroft, Bukali, Kalpowar, Monal, Moonford, Cania, Yarrol, Abercorn, Langley, Kapaldo, Tellebang, Glenleigh, Selene, Mulgildie, Splinter Creek, Ventnor, Three Moon, Cannindah, Monto and Mungungo localities within the North Burnett local government area. It includes partial areas of the Mungy, Cynthia, Ceratodus and Eidsvold East localities as described above

2. Activation is limited to the northern part of the Bundaberg Regional Council area including the area east of the Bruce Highway until the Bruce Highway meets the Burnett River. The southern boundary includes the section of the Burnett River between the Bruce Highway and Cedars Road, and includes the section of Cedars Road between the Burnett River and the intersection of Cedars Road and Childers Road at the Elliott River State Forest boundary. The southern part includes the area to the north of the northern Elliott River State Forest and Bingera National Park boundary and includes the section of Burrum Coast National Park that is north of Woppis Road. This is the Statistical Area Level 2 (SA2) areas: Bargara-Burnett Heads, Branyan-Kensington, Bundaberg East-Kalkie, Bundaberg North-Gooburrum, Bundaberg Region-North, Bundaberg South, Svensson Heights-Norville, Walkervale-Avenell Heights.

For further clarification of these areas please view the Bundaberg disaster declared areas map or the North Burnett disaster declared areas map.

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Central Coast Queensland Severe Weather, 16 - 19 October 2017

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