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Rural Debt Survey

QRAA (now QRIDA) commissioned the development of the Queensland Rural Debt Survey from 1994 to 2011.

The terms of reference for the 2011 Rural Debt Survey were to:

  • establish the extent, nature and size of gross rural indebtedness in Queensland as at 31 December 2011
  • categorise rural loans into five debt rating categories based on debt servicing ability and long-term profitability / viability prospects
  • provide information and comparison to previous years, including any other relevant factors and issues on rural industries; and
  • obtain interpretation and comment regarding the survey findings from financial institutions and peak industry bodies within the rural industries.

2011 Rural Debt Survey results

  • total debt increased $2.67 billion or 19 per cent to $16.97 billion on the previous survey conducted December 2009
  • average debt per borrower increased by $152,000 to just over $1 million per borrower.
  • five industries account for more than 80 per cent of total recorded rural debt, these being beef (54% of total debt), cotton (7.6%), grain/grazing (6.8%), grain (6.5%) and sugar (5.7%)
  • more specifically, the level of rural debt for the beef industry has increased by $1.3 billion (17%) over the past two years to a total of $9.18 billion; and
  • the Survey found that 86 per cent of the total debt was classified as ”A“ (borrowers who are considered viable under most or all circumstances) or ”B+“ (potentially viable long-term but are experiencing debt servicing difficulties) rated debt.

To download the 2011 Rural Debt Survey (and previous surveys), or to request further information, please complete the contact us form with details of your request in the comments section.

Note: Legislation passed by the Queensland Parliament on 22 March 2017 will now require QRIDA to undertake a rural debt survey in Queensland for the period January 2012 to December 2017, and subsequently every two years thereafter, subject to the establishment of a national rural debt survey.

Last updated
8 January 2018